From just 900/day      
Complete stage setup in as little as 1hr !!!. 

The M series stages range from 4m to 8m in depth and are 7m wide.  They are our most popular type of  stage due to their appearance, versatility and speed of set-up.

Each unit is supplied complete with:

Basic stage lighting, RCD protection, Internal power sockets, External power sockets, Dividing curtain, Non slip flooring, Side entry point

The stage area can be extended from its basic setup of 7m wide x 4m deep to an impressive looking 7m wide x 8m deep, with or without overhead covering. 
All units push the boundaries of mobile staging units to their limits, designed by people who know about staging and its requirements.

All of our units are custom built to exceptional standards and adhere to all current health & safety guidelines.

We are able to apply a package discount if you were to hire both stage & sound together so before you decide which setup  you need, give us a call on 01255 861739 and have a chat with absolutely no commitment.

A favourite with radio stations, festivals, fun days and other outdoor events...

Variations of The M Series Stage

M1 900

M2 1000

M3 1100

M4H 1800

M5H 2000

M1 & M2 stages are the favourite for small to medium size festival events.


M4H & M5H are popular with larger festival events.

PLRS stage hire basildon bbc stage

All prices above exclude a mileage charge

PLRS M1 Stage Park Run

Tel: 01255 861 739


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