Variations of The TS Series Stage

TS1 & TS1M
900 day
1350 weekend

Width 7m Height 3.5m Depth 5m

Width 7m Height 4.5m Depth 5m
Width 7m Height 4.5m Depth 6m
Width 7m Height 4.5m Depth 7.5m

Width 5m Height 3.5m Depth 4m

Width 5m Height 4m Depth 4m

900 day
1350 weekend
1200 day
1800 weekend
1400 day
2100 weekend
1800 day
2700 weekend
4200 with full festival setup
2000 day
3000 weekend
4500 with full festival setup
Arc Trussing Stages From 900

Our trussing stages provide an impressive, strong, weather proof, temporary structure.  Our most popular trussing stage, (TS-1) as with all trussing stages, is constructed on site. 

The trussing we use is of professional standard (Milos) and is made of an aluminium alloy which is much stronger and safer than the cheaper alternatives that many suppliers use.   All trussing stages are supplied with waterproof roofing, as well as mesh (flow through) or solid sidewalls. These are selected in accordance with the weather predictions for the day.

Many local authorities require that the trussing used comply with appropriate health and safety regulations and we have certification to verify its structural capabilities and compliance with regulations.  With safety in mind precautions are always taken in the form of a professional wind meter that is supplied and fitted with every trussing stage.

As with all our stages, Public Liability Insurance Certificates and Risk Assessments are available upon booking. 

We are able to apply a package discount if you were to hire a stage and sound system  together, so before you decide which setup  you need, give us a call on 01255 861739 and have a chat.

Trussing Stages provide the focal point for many events...

Mileage charge applies / measurements are rounded up to the next whole meter

Tel: 01255 861 739


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