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Cree LED DMX 20w RGBW Moving Head Lighting units.

These units are DMX controlled to work in sync with each other via the DMX link, or can be stand alone units that work by sound to light method.

There are so many different configurations to what you want, how you want it to happen, and the sequence and timing involved it is unrealistic to list all options.

These hire out at £20 each per day ... DJ’s mount these either side of their desk, to give an effective lighting show throughout their performance.

The Cree brand is synonymous with the highest quality LED lighting.  Cree LEDs define the metrics by which all other LEDs are measured.

Moving Head Lights are a versatile and multi-functional lighting fixtures designed to add dimensional and dynamic elements to your lighting show through the movement of light beams and colours.

With fixtures from leading brands available to hire we offer all the moving head lights you need to take your stage lighting to the next level from £20.

Spot moving heads are designed for situations where a tight beam of moving light is required, delivering a focused and defined effect.  Spot heads have many features, when more of the stage area requires illumination, moving heads deliver a wider beam of light for increased coverage or if required more subtle effects.

Moving or Intelligent lighting can also be controlled through a DMX lighting desk, allowing you to manipulate movements, colour changes or program entire sequences.


A new addition for this year is what we affectionatly call the Mood Tube.

We’ve designed two editions, the first being a standard tube that creates a vast number of different emotions depending upon the setting you choose.

The second variation acts as the holder for Moving Heads or other lighting effects.Tube 3

Both versions are fully remote control, you can change the settings to mix colors at random or you can create the color of your choice, make them change slow, fast, flash, or strobe.

They are all powered by 5v dc supply.

From last year where people are getting fed up with the same old up-lighting effect used at weddings, partys, and events, people are choosing to use these effects as they are low cost, very easy to set up and use, and ultra portable, while still being able to give a relaxing lighting effect.

Standard tube only £10 per day to hire

Standard tube with Moving Head effect £35 per day to hire.

If you have any questions you wish to ask, just contact us at any point.

The Mood Tube


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